Mustang News

 September 25-October 6, 2017

Mustang FuelTrax technicians to receive FuelTrax Factory Certification at Nautical Control Solutions, LP, Spring, Tx, USA

October 15, 2013

Mustang Technologies Takes on FuelTrax.

Mustang Technologies to sell and support industry leading solution in Asia. 



May 21-25, 2012

Mustang Technologies and Panamanian Partner, MACOSNAR, exhibited at Maritime Week Americas 2012 May 21-25, 2012 at Hotel Rui Plaza Panama. 


FuelNet™ - Web-Based Executive Dashboard

Manage Fuel Consumption and Vessel Performance Across the Fleet

FuelNet is the web-based component of the FuelTrax Suite. This technology gives managers the ability to monitor the performance of their fleet from any location using a secure internet portal that maintains a history of each vessel.

Using Low Earth Orbit satellite communications, FuelTrax broadcasts information collected from vessels to a secure data center. Graphical presentations of vessel information can be viewed via the FuelNet password-protected website. On-line access to vessel performance data creates a faster, more efficient channel of communication between the office and the vessel, significantly reducing the time needed to generate reports.

FuelNet offers managers a fleet-wide view of their vessels' fuel consumption and performance. Total fleet fuel reduction and efficiencies are available as well as individual vessel logistics.