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Bunkering and Fuel Transfers

Measuring and Monitoring

Bunkering and Fuel Transfers


Manual bunkering measurement methods are prone to introducing error. Aeration and fuel temperature also contribute to inaccurate volume calculations, which reduces the amount of fuel loaded.


FuelTrax automatically monitors and accurately measures both the volume and mass of fuel during transfer, regardless of air entrainment or temperature.

Business Impact

  • Consistent results from bunker to bunker
  • Improved discharge processes
  • Fewer disputes and short-delivery claims
  • Long term record storage for fast dispute resolution
  • Fuel is ordered by mass and delivered by mass
  • Satisfied customers and crew
  • Accurate mass measurement regardless of air entrainment

FuelTrax has eliminated delivery gaps in our business. Our crews now possess a reliable metering solution that permits them to deliver multiple bunker orders without the uncertainty of stopgauges, repeated loadings at the storage facility, and quantity disputes. The precise measurement in barrels and metric tons, top-notch record keeping, and ease of operation complements Buffalo Marine’s goal of exceeding our customer’s expectations. FuelTrax is a key part of our business today.

- Pat Studdert, President
Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
Port of Houston
Bunker Solution


  • Highly accurate Micro Motion Coriolistype with no moving parts
  • Measure volume, mass, temperature, and density simultaneously
  • Pipe sizes up to 8 inches
  • High capacity flow rates
  • Custody transfer grade
  • No maintenance or periodic certification
  • Vessel, barge, or terminal installation
  • Class I, Division II standards



  • Proven FuelTrax marine-grade hardware
  • Flexible configuration and installation on barge or vessel
  • ABS Type Approved


  • Live interactive screens during bunkers
  • Hard ticket printed after transaction
  • Custom reports and tickets available
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